Zebra Floral Arrangements

Zebra Leaves & Orange Gerber Daisy Floral Arrangment

Zebra Leaves In Vase








The zebra animal print is bold and striking.  It doesn’t take much of the zebra print to make an impact when decorating a room.  Designers often use a hint of the zebra pattern by using it in toss pillows, rugs, accent chairs and art work.  The zebra print can be seen on many items throughout department stores because of it’s booming popularity and wide spread decorating appeal.  The black and white zebra motif transformed this simple bamboo arrangement (seen above) into an eye catching designer piece.  Picture shown below shows the zebra leaves added to an exsisting floral arrangement to add a little pizazz.

Large Floral Arrangement With Zebra Leaves

Looking for something to add the wow factor to your floral arrangments?  By adding a few of these hand painted zebra leaves, you can bring your floral arrangments to life without having to add more flowers.


Zebra Arrangement With Chair

Zebra Furniture is a classic designers choice for decorating.   Using a moderate touch of  an animal print is a useful design element for updating a room.

Zebra Leaves In Tropical Arrangement

Black & White Floral Arrangement

Floral With Zebra Design




Zebra Floral With Red Flower

Orange Zebra ArrangementOrange & Black Zebra Floral Arrangement

The zebra leaves were easy to make.  You can find the large leaves at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  I purchased two small bottles of black and white acrylic paint located in the paint section of Michael’s Crafts.  Painting first with a coat of white paint then letting it dry for a couple hours, then painting on the black zebra stripes.  I did not find it necessary to paint the back of the leaf.  If you are thinking about making more than a few of these leaves I would suggest you use white spray paint for the first coat (instead of a paint brush).  Then hand paint the black stripes on.  This will make the process go by faster.

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