Wall Pocket Vase Floral Arrangement Ideas

Wall Pocket Vase Floral Arrangement

A wall pocket vase is a container that holds a floral arrangement on the wall.  They come in various sizes and shapes.  The most popular shape is the cone shape.  Wall pocket vases can be made of metal, ceramic, wicker, glass, stone, resin.  The great thing about wall pocket floral arrangements is they are unique and different.  They help to fill empty wall space, where typically you might find framed art work or sconces.  Interior designers use wall pockets for dining rooms, hall ways, entry ways, kitchens.  This article is to give you ideas on how to use wall pockets in your home and also how to make one for yourself.  Whether you have an 8′ foot ceiling or a 22′ foot ceiling wall pockets can be used anywhere and can be built to any size.   Some like to use just greenery in a wall pocket and others like to use flowers to accent there home decor.  Floral craft stores have a great selection of dried flowers, bamboo sticks, silk flowers, ivy greenery, feathers, dried grasses, all these items make up fantastic wall pockets.  

Wall Pocket Vase

Wall pocket vases can be found in stores like, Michaels Arts & Crafts, Kirklands, Old Time Pottery, Ross, home decorating stores, and on line wall pocket vase stores.   This particular wall pocket arrangement shown is very large.  The dimensions are 5′ wide by 6′ tall.  It covers a large wall on both sides of the homes entryway.  This arrangement was created by using a mix of greenery, Indian grass, Feathers, Tall thin branches, and a few dried decorative components.  It was predominantly a greenery arrangement. 

Wall Pocket Floral Arrangment

Wall Pocket Vase
There are very many versions of wall pockets vases.  The metal ones are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about special hooks to anchor them onto the wall.  If your tired of the grapevine wreath on your entry door, a wall pocket vase looks great and is different and can fill the space just as well.  Adding a little warmth to your bathroom can be done as simply as filling a wall pocket vase with some ivy and let it drape down.  Adding wall pockets to either side of a painting or large china cabinet, or a mirror really frames it well and fills the wall better.  Wall pockets are becoming more popular because there different and unique.

Wall Pocket Vase Arrangement

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