Fall Wedding Arch & Decorating Ideas

The wedding arch has a dual purpose.  It not only serves as an alter for where the bride, groom and minister will stand, but as a wonderful back round setting for photographs.  So many times photographers are looking for that perfect setting to take a family group shot or pictures of the bride and groom. The wedding arch helps to create that visual picturesque view that combines both wedding ceremony with the natural surroundings of nature and the season in which you are getting married. When thinking about your wedding arch, think about your pictures and the many ways your wedding arch can help in adding beauty to them.          
Fall Wedding Arch

Orange Orchid With Floating Candle

Fall is a beautiful season to have a wedding.  The vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow, are sure to make for fabulous florals for your bouquet, centerpieces, wedding arch, and decorations.  Beautiful table linens and candles also add to the beauty of your tables and set the mood for evening festivities.  One very easy centerpiece to make is the orchid and floating candle centerpiece.  This centerpiece is made up of 1- floating candle, 1-glass cylinder vase, 1-orchid, rocks for bottom of vase.  Whether day or night this simple  arrangement looks great anywhere and serves as a multi purpose arrangement by adding soft light when used at night as well as visual interest to reception tables, bar counter tops, bathrooms counter tops, around pools for outside weddings, buffet tables, cake and dessert tables during day time use.   Decorating the wedding isle for a fall wedding can be done many ways, pictured are 2 metal Tuscan pails filled with orange hydrangeas and tied with a fall metallic colored ribbon with long tails.  Using Shepard hooks these cute little pails will hang on the side of each chair closest to the wedding isle.   If you have 4 rows of chairs you will need 8 of these, one for each side.   After the ceremony these can be used for centerpieces for small tables or used for the entry table where you have your guest sign in.  Low lying candle centerpieces are frequently used for the head bridal table because they don’t block the view of the bride and groom.  Fall leaves can be added also to the tables for color and small votive candles for soft lighting.  Multi colored marbles or miniature pumpkins or gourds also give the tables a festive look.   Michaels Arts & Crafts carry a wide variety of colored glass marbles and candles.   With the changing of the seasons and magnificent fall harvest colors it’s time to take advantage of the beautiful scenery by adding seasonal items like fall flowers, leaves, fall garlands, branches, grapevine roping, to help capture the theme of falls natural warm earthy look to your Wedding Arch and florals.  For those of you that admire more of the whimsical look adding pumpkins and gourds always tend to add a bountiful harvest look and can easily be incorporated into your table decorations or arranged in front of your arch.  The wedding arch shown has a crown of fall flowers at the top, long flowing tuell on each side.  In front of the arch are two Tuscan urn vases filled  with fall leaves at the base and tall grass.  Another great way to use fall leaves is to lay a few of them on the ground next to the arch and going down the wedding isle.  The wedding arch used for this blog was purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts and called the All Occasion Pre-lite arch.  The white tuell and flowers and fall leaves were all purchased at Michaels Arts & Crafts. 

Fall Arrangement

Top Of Fall Wedding ARch


Fall Wedding Arch

Fall Wedding Arch


Fall Bridal Bouquet

Fall Bridal Bouquet

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The bouquet shown above is made up of fresh flowers, it’s bright yet has an autumn color theme   However there are alternatives to fresh flowers if you would like to make you bouquets ahead of time.  Silk flowers can be a wonderful alternative for those of you that are having a destination wedding and would like to have your bouquets made ahead of time.   Silk florals can be easily packed away into plastic containers for months in advance until you are ready to travel.   Once your wedding day arrives you can always add a few fresh flowers to your silk bouquet.   The bridal bouquet shown below is made up of multi colored silk orange hydrangeas, with small red roses.  If you scroll down further you will see the same bouquet with real fresh babies breath added on the wedding day.   
Orange Hydrangea With Red Roses Bridal Bouquet

 the hydrangea with red roses bridal bouquet is made up of beautiful multi colored orange hydrangeas, if you would like to add some fresh flowers to this bouquet, you can by adding some babies breath to it on the day of your wedding, just by clipping off sections of the babies breath stem and tuck it in between the flowers, sometimes adding just a touch of hot glue to the stem of the babies breath before adding it will make it hold better.  At least you can have some fresh flowers to your bouquet and it not be completely all silk.

Orange Hydrangeas With Babies Breath Bridal Bouquet

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